The Ram's Eye - A Driver's Blog: July 2014


Thursday, 3 July 2014

Ferrari LaFerrari - That Noise

I am sure different people will watch this video and think of different things. The video is a Motor Trend Ignition video of a test of the 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari. There are many things to think about.. the the horsepower figure, the performance capabilities, and cost are probably among the first aspects that come of this car that come to mind. All are substantial. The fact that it comes across civilized and well mannered is even better. But I can't help but think of one thing; the noise.

It actually isn't so much about the noise of this car itself. It is more about the "contrast". The contrast between the glorious noise that this car makes and the soulless, muffled, disappointing noise that Ferrari's F1 car. I have already made a post earlier this season about the 2014 Spec F1 cars and I said that they don't sound bad but the more F1 races I watch, the more disappointed I get. I would actually be far more excited to listen to a LaFerrari in person than an F1 car. If many other gear heads share my opinion, which I think is the case, that's a sad day for the automotive world.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 - Saleen grille vs Stock grille

I recently bought and installed a Saleen grille to increase airflow. I was considering the Boss 302S, the Roush and the Saleen grilles. The reason why I picked the Saleen is because a buddy of mine had it and it was very lightly used so it was a good deal for me. I have a hand held scanner so I plugged it and recorded ECTs and IATs on the highway and stopped in traffic to compare and make sure that I am getting more airflow. Here are the numbers:

Stock grille
Outside temperature (as per the car's reading in the radio display): 69 deg F

Highway, going 60 mph in 5th gear:
ECT: 199 deg F
IAT: 71 deg F

While stopped after 1 stop at a red light:
ECT: quickly shot up to 208 deg F and then crept up to 210 deg F
IAT: slowly crept up to 74 deg F

Highway, going 60 mph in 4th gear right after being stopped (i.e. ECT had to cool down from 210 deg F):
ECT: 203 deg F
IAT: 71 deg F

Saleen grille
Outside temperature: 82 deg F (notice how much higher it is than the day I tested the stock grille)

Highway, going 60 mph in 5th gear:
ECT: 188 deg F
IAT: 81 deg F (yes the IAT reading was actually lower than the reported temp on the radio display)

While stopped after 2 stops at red lights:
ECT: slowly crept up to 198 deg F
IAT: slowly crept up to 84 deg F

Highway, going 60 mph in 4th gear right after being stopped (i.e. ECT had to cool down from 198 deg F):
ECT: 191 deg F
IAT: 82 deg F

The reason why I did a test in 4th gear was to keep the revs up and get more heat under the hood to see how well the grilles compared with more heat coming from the engine. The temperatures while stopped were the highest I saw while the ones while on the highway were the lowest. Needless to say, I was very pleased with the results. Both tests were on the exact same stretches of highway so the same length of time - around 2-3 minutes each way. The IAT are a testament to how well Ford design the stock intake to pull air from outside the engine bay.