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Live Streaming of the reveal of the C7 Corvette!

Today, the reveal day of the C7 Corvette, has been one of the most anticipated dates of 2013 for many car enthusiasts. We don't know everything about the new Corvette but we do know a few things. The Corvette is staying true to its traditional formula since the C2, a V8 in the front and rear wheel drive. The only exception to the formula has been a straight six for the first generation Corvette. The engine will probably be set further back like the C6 Corvette for better weight distribution but a mid-engine layout is not going to be used, at least for this generation, and no twin turbo V6 is planned for the first release.

The exterior design seems evolutionary rather than revolutionary, which is great IMO because I love the shape of the Corvette. The rear split window doesn't appear to be making a comeback, according to the (supposedly) leaked drawings of the C7. The rear end will keep the signature quad exhausts but they seem to be placed closer together and look like one set of 4 tips instead of two separate sets of two tips. The signature round taillights seem to have been replaced by more rectangular shapes, reminiscent of those found on the current generation Camaro. I personally prefer the round ones but it's too early to judge the rectangular ones without even seeing them on the car instead of just a drawing.

This is doubly special because not only will we see the new Corvette for the first time, we will probably also get to find out more about the new small block V8 which will find its way under the new skin of the Corvette and different versions and displacements will probably power all the new GM V8 applications - the next Camaro, next full size trucks and SUVs and possibly the next CTS-V if it continues to use a V8 (which is likely IMO). We know it will feature direct injection, variable valve timing and cylinder deactivation which will allow it to run as a 4 cylinder V4. (Read more about the new small block V8: Chevy Unveils New LT1 Small-Block V8)

First official pictures will be posted on the reveal page on Facebook -  1.13.13 - The Reveal of the 2014 Corvette and the official reveal will be live streamed to the reveal website starting at 6:55 pm Eastern time - Countdown to the New Corvette | 2014 Chevy Corvette Reveal so be sure to stay tuned!


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