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Can't afford a Stingray? Get a Corvette Coupe!

Chevrolet has released plenty of information about the C7 Corvette - the Stingray. There are many improvements such as a more aerodynamics body, a stiffer and lighter aluminum chassis and standard carbon fibre roof and hood to lower weight further and bring the centre of gravity lower. All of this sounds great for performance but not so much for the price. To make sure the Corvette stays affordable, Chevrolet is planning a base Corvette coupe that won't share the Stingray moniker.

The Corvette coupe is expected to have a smaller version of the new all-aluminum direct injection small block V8. The displacement is expected to be around 5.3 litres and should have around or just under 400 hp. Chevrolet considered a twin-turbo V6 but didn't use it because it delivered on power goals but not fuel economy. I expect carbon fibre bits to be replaced with lower-cost aluminum or fibreglass ones and the 7-speed manual to be replaced with a 6-speed unit. Chevrolet said during the release that the all-aluminum chassis will be standard across all models but it's unknown whether that includes the non Stingray model or not.

There will be some changes to the exterior, including the front fascia, front fender and rear diffuser. If changes are limited to those parts, then most of the aerodynamic improvements should remain on the base Corvette. Changes to the interior should be expected and there will probably be fewer available options but I think Chevrolet will keep the quality of the interior high because that is an area of criticism in the current Corvette.

There's no information on the base price but the current Corvette starts at an MSRP of $49,600 according to Chevrolet's website so it should have a base price that's close to that or maybe even lower to further differentiate it from the Stingray which will undoubtedly start over $50,000.

Source: The C7 Corvette's release and Motor Trend