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Mods That Make People Think You're A Dirtbag

Ever wonder what mods make you look like a dirtbag to people? Jalopnik put together a top-10 list of worst mods according to its readers (full post: Ten Car Mods That Make People Think You're An A--hole). I agree with the majority of them and I am actually (pleasantly) surprised that stance is number 1 on the list. However, I wouldn't put stance as number one. My number one is very low on the offence list - sitting comfortable at number 9.

HID Kits In Stock Housings: As Jalopnik wrote, wanting better and brighter headlights is just fine. Getting a cheap set isn't a problem for me either - it's your car and it's up to you to take care of it - and putting them in stock housings isn't necessarily the problem. The problem is HIDs in reflector/non-projector housings. Nothing says you're dirtbag more than blinding oncoming traffic, increasing the risk of a crash, because you're too cheap to properly modify your car.

HIDs in reflector housings are not only bad for oncoming traffic but they can also be bad for the driver. Since they're too bright and cannot be aimed properly, the driver's eyes will adjust to the very bright area closer to the car and reduce long distance visibility. If you're planning on doing an HID mod, please wait until you can afford the HID kid and a project headlight housing for your car, if stock housings are reflectors. If you already have HIDs in reflectors, PLEASE go out and buy a set of project headlights for your car.