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Touchless Carwash Review (Esso)

I went to get a car wash today and I was very unimpressed with the results. I don't like to use automatic car washes. Touchless car washes usually don't clean that well and I worry about scratches at ones that uses brushes. However, we went on a long trip yesterday and there was a lot of dirt and some bird droppings on the car and I couldn't wash it myself. I don't like to leave these sitting on the car so I decided to go for a car wash. I know touchless car washes leave a little behind but today was even worse.

There were bird droppings left on the door sills and above the handles.

On the back, there was dirt left right under the taillight, along the entire length, and it's the same case at the other taillight and under the spoiler.

I'm not really suggesting that this specific car wash (Esso) is bad. I can't clean everything off the car easily while I'm washing it and I can't expect a touchless car wash to clean as well. This is simply the reason why automatic car washes should be a quick once-in-a-while fix, like I needed today. I personally enjoy washing my own car but there are benefits to doing it, which are saving money and ending up with a cleaner car, so if you use an automatic car wash regular, you should consider doing it yourself next time!


  1. This is a great article. Since summer is coming up I am looking for all the necessities I need to wash my cars. I enjoy washing my car so I want to make sure I have the right car wash equipment. I have a friend that worked at a car wash so I asked him what are the best types of soaps and such to buy. He gave me some good options.

  2. It is best to leave certain jobs to the experts; washing your car is one of those jobs. Nice to read your post.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Although car washes have improved over the years it's clear that a) Their quality of service can still vary wildly. Some car washes will do a good job and some even worse then the one in this article. b) Even the best auto car wash won't be able to compete in terms of quality with a decent detailer or a decent DIY at home.


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