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2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray Weighs 3,298 lb.

Chevrolet is making more information available about the Corvette Stingray as it gets closer to going on  sale. The new C7 Corvette will weigh 3,298 lb. For the Corvette faithful, that's about 90 lb. heavier than the current, C6 Corvette. How's that possible when we know from the release that the frame underpinning the C7 is 99 lb. lighter than the outgoing one? Well, Chevrolet broke down the areas of weight addition:

  • 35.2 lb. - direct injection, VVT, AFM
  • 6.6 lb. - standard engine oil cooler
  • 13.2 lb. - dual mass clutch
  • 15.4 lb. - steel torque tube part of AFM
  • 4.4 lb. - AFM exhaust valves
  • 11 lb. - 7th transmission speed
  • 18.5 lb. - strengthened differential, half shafts
  • 18.3 lb. - larger fixed brakes
  • 17 lb. - new interior appointments and safety features
  • 17.2 lb. - upgraded seats
  • 18.5 lb. - structural safety requirements
  • 31.5 lb. - new infotainment and cabin technology, as well as relocating battery to the rear
  • 3 lb. - bigger fuel tank

The total adds up to 210 lb. 

However, since there are several areas of weight savings in the new car, it's not 210 lb heavier. The new aluminum frame, as previously announced during the public release, is 99 lb. lighter (full post: The Stingray is back! Details about the new 2014 C7 Corvette). The new car also uses more carbon fibre body panels, which shave another 37 lb. A lighter hatch and hollow, lightweight control arms round off the significant weight savings for total savings of approximately 150 lb compared to the outgoing car. This should mean that the new car is 60 lb. heavier but according to Chevy's website, the C6 Corvette weighs 3,208 lb. so the new car is actually 90 lb. heavier. The 30 lb. difference probably comes from several small changes.

This excludes the Z51 performance package, which adds transmission and differential coolers, a rear sway bar, larger wheels and brakes, electronic differential and a spoiler (more details about options: 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Pricing). The Z51 package should add more weight but how much that is wasn't announced.

The additional weight definitely has been to good use, though, and Chevrolet wasted no time in announcing that the C7 Corvette is better in every way than the outgoing Corvette, the C6, so we know that the added weight should not be detrimental - it will drive and handle better. It is unclear whether the Z06 and ZR1 will use more parts to save weight compared to the base Stingray, but it should be expected. I wouldn't be surprised if Chevy at least offers a stripped down option for those who don't want the new features and the weight that comes with them.

Source: GM Authority


  1. Great post; I work for a Chevrolet service center and I would never own another brand. They are some of the most reliable cars that are really easy to fix when something does eventually need repair. My favorite car to work on has been the new Corvette.

  2. Wow love this cool car! Thanks for sharing the specs of this Chevy Corvette, it is actually helpful.


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