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Is A Manual 2015 Chevrolet SS Coming?

When the Chevrolet SS was first announced, I assumed that the decision between the SS and the Charger SRT8 wouldn't be difficult. Assuming no brand loyalty and narrowing your choices down to full size sedans with good ole' American muscle, the choice would come down to your driving style. The Chevy SS would be your favourite of you're more of a canyon carver and the Charger would be your choice if you wanted more of a grand tourer, judging by the fact that the Camaro is smaller and sharper than the Challenger. Chevrolet may want to give buyers another reason to consider the SS though, as Motor Trend sources report that the SS may be getting a six-speed manual transmission and magnetic ride control suspension. 

Full size sedan with a V8 in the front, power going to the back and a manual transmission? Seems too good to be true. I don't know if a manual would make the car any quicker because GM builds a good auto and I believe I have read a few times that the six speed auto-equipped Cadillac CTS-V is as quick or slightly quicker than the six-speed manual-equipped one. A six-speed manual would no doubt make the SS a lot more fun to drive though.

I (sadly) doubt Dodge would follow suit, although I imagine it wouldn't be hard to fit the Tremec six-speed from the Challenger SRT8 in the Charger. I know if Chevy were to offer a manual, with or with our magnetic ride control, it would make a few potential buyers very happy. I personally would love to have one if I were in the market for a full size sedan. In fact, if I weren't in the market for a full size sedan but had $50k to spare (ha, imagine that) I would go and buy one as soon as (if) it becomes available. How about you, would you consider a Chevrolet SS with or without a manual? Would a manual make you more likely to buy one? Sound off in the comments below!