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Juns Subaru BRZ - 2.4 litre Synergy V8

Meet Juns Subaru BRZ. If the traditional power adding methods like forced induction or dropping a small block V8 aren't your thing, this may be it (although I imagine swapping a small block V8 into something small is typically a North American - and awesome - solution, but I digress). This one does have a V8 but it's a very different kind of V8 and, at $70,000, it will cost you a multiple of that but you will no doubt have something very unique.

The engine is based on two Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R engines and has a displacement of 2.4 litres. Power? 356 hp at 10,680 rpm, a whopping 156 hp over stock, although torque gets a much more modest jump to 199 lb-ft, "only" 48 lb-ft over stock. This frankenstein engine is the work of Synery Power in New Zealand, which developed the engine for midget car speedway racing but they have wanted to put it in a street car. I would imagine the experience might be similar to a rotary engine, making a lot of power but all very high in the rpm range and not too much torque down low so it may not feel as strong off the line as forced induction or a good ole' trusty small block. As a result, it probably won't be sitting any records. Still, the noise is worth something and the experience of wringing out a very small V8 would be satisfying. If only F1 cars still sounded this good. For more info, visit: 11,000 rpm+ in A Kiwi Flavoured Lemon - Junz Synergy BRZ V8 or listen to it below.


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