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Porsche fights over GT3 name with Aston Martin

According to Motor Trend, a new report stated that after talks between Aston Martin and Porsche over the use of the GT3 name, Aston Martin decided to switch the name of the Vantage GT3, which debuted at the Geneva show this year, to Vantage GT12 after its V12 engine.

There aren't many comments on the post but all three commenters are against Porsche fighting over the name, likening it to a spoiled child and saying there wouldn't be any confusion between the two. It isn't about confusion or Porsche being a child. It's about marketing and brand recognition. How many people refer to Porsche 911 GT3's simply as GT3's? If you say GT3 outside of an FIA sanctioned race, everyone knows you are taking about a Porsche 911. That's very successful building of brand recognition and takes time and hard work to do. The name GT3 has weight and cache in the realm of production cars that Porsche built. If this Aston is called the Vantage GT3, that distinct recognition will no longer belong to only Porsche. Everyone would have had to identify which GT3 they are talking about every time GT3 is mentioned. Whether it is intentional or not, Aston would have cashed in on the value of the GT3 name which Porsche built, especially if it turns out to be a good car.

I like Aston Martin and wish it could have been called the GT3 because it sounds a lot better than GT12 but I can't blame Porsche.