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Ford GT Returns at Rolex 24 with Chip Ganassi Racing

I, unfortunately, haven't been writing in a while.. Okay, a very long while. I had been waiting until I can catch up with all the reviews and tests that I missed. The new ATS-V and CTS-V. The new Camaro SS. The new C63 AMG. The long awaited Shelby GT350.. and many more. I started watching Rolex 24 hours at Daytona today, though, and I thought what better weekend to go back to writing than the weekend Ford brought back the GT to go racing.

I haven't seen all of it yet, I've only watched the two hours so far but it was a great showing. *SPOILER ALERT* So far, the GT seems to be running great and very, very competitive. And man, does the new GT ever look fantastic, especially in racing livery. They've only had one issue where one of the cars was stuck in 5th gear. *SPOILER ALERT*

It typically takes me a few weeks to find the time to watch the whole 24 hours but I'm really looking forward to finishing the race and the new season in general, including Le Mans, Continental Tire Challenge, Trans Am, Pirelli World Challenge, and others. I'm also looking forward to starting to write again, and consistently. If you've been following my blog, I apologize for the break. If this is the first time reading it, go back and read some of my previous articles. If you like any, stay tuned for more! I am going to write about plenty of good stuff that I missed, including the ones mentioned above and Car and Driver's Lightning Lap and Motor Trend's Best Driver's Car. I'm also going to start using my +GoPro everyday to capture anything interesting, which never seems to be of shortage, and posting it!